Healthy Active Lifestyle

This Is The Healthy Active Lifestyle Blog DO You Know That You Can Be Healthy If You Make Health Food Choices? Read Article Below For The Information.

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Healthy Active Lifestyle

There is a growing interest in improving and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle in our communities today.  Maybe you are reading this blog because you too are health conscious.  Congratulations!
We must take 100% responsibility for the quality of life by the choices we make daily.  My purpose is to share health tips and lifestyle changes in this blog.

Living a healthy active lifestyle, one is considered to have a healthy diet, following a exercise routine and getting adequate sleep.  Many people strive to live a healthy lifestyle and are able to accomplish such, while others need a little help to achieve same.

Our bodies are made up of 100 trillion cells. These cells are the basic unit of our bodies.  Each organ and system of our body is dependent on each cell to perform the functions of the body.  It is important to nourish your cells with the best nutrients available to support your immune system and maximize energy production for increased vitality and optimal health. Healthy Cells means a healthy you.  

It is imperative that your diet includes balanced and colorful meals that have a variety of grains, vegetables and fruits, as well as high-quality proteins like lean meats, fish and poultry.  Avoid foods that are high in fats, salt and sugar.  In an effort to achieve a healthy active lifestyle, start by eliminating unhealthy food from your diet and replace them with more healthier choices, incorporate an exercise routine, avoid smoking and alcohol usage.

Instead of sugary energy drink, fruit drinks, sodas and sport drinks, substitute these with water, zero-calorie flavored water or diet soda.  Instead of white rice and white pasta use brown rice and whole-wheat pasta. Eat low-fat whole grain breads and rolls instead of white breads and rolls.  Substitute potato chips, buttered popcorn, pastries and doughnuts, with unsalted pretzels, popcorn without butter and whole grain bagels. Remember To Be A Healthy Active Lifestyle Member You Of To Work Hard.


Grains, especially whole grains, are high in fiber and low in fat.  Grains also provides vitamin B and minerals.  Consumption of grains which are rich in fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and also help to reduce constipation.  Whole grains also helps to maintain your weight due to the fact that it provides the feeling of fullness with less calorie intake, prevents overeating  and also assist in healthy bowel movement.   Some examples of whole grains are wheat, brown rice, oats, bulgur and whole grain barley.


Fiber is an essential health benefit of a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.  Fiber also helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, lose weight and aids in digestion and more regular bowel movement.

Soluble fiber

Soluble fiber aids in lowering blood cholesterol and glucose level. Fiber is categorized by its ability to be dissolved in water.  Some examples of soluble fiber foods are oatmeal, barley, apples, pears, plums, strawberries, dried beans, artichokes, peas, brussels sprouts and carrots.

Insoluble fiber

Insoluble fiber helps in weight loss, this is due to the fact that it creates a feeling of fullness for longer which prevents overeating.  Insoluble fiber foods are foods that cannot be broken down by the digestive system.  Some examples of insoluble fiber foods are whole grain cereal, rice, bread and pasta.

Many people in the United States consumes about 10 to 15 grams of dietary fiber daily, this is far below the recommended amount.  Women age 50 or younger needs 25 grams of fiber daily while men 50 years or younger,  needs 34 grams daily. Women over the age of 51 or older needs 22 grams of fiber and men in that age group needs 28 grams.

If You Want To Live A Healthy Active Lifestyle Eat More Fruits and Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are great to have any time of day.  Fruits are low in fat and contains fiber, antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are vital for the health and maintenance of your body.  Whenever fruits are included in your diet, the risk of chronic diseases is lowered.  Raspberries are high in fiber and antioxidants and low in calories, sugars and carbohydrates.  Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, the type that gets credit for good memory and great brain function. For The Healthy Active Lifestyle Oranges provides vitamin C, it has antioxidant that boosts immunity.  Vegetables provides many nutrients to the body whenever it is consumed.  These nutrients includes, Vitamins A, C and E, potassium, fiber and folate.  Vegetable choices like garlic, spinach and broccoli are considered ‘superfood’ because of the benefits they provide to the body when they are included in ones diet. Eggplant is high in fiber. Cabbage, and sweet potato are also good source of fiber. Fiber from theses vegetable lowers blood cholesterol level and may reduce the risk of heart disease.  Vegetables consumed in healthy proportions may also reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, arthritis and type-2 diabetes.  The benefits of eating vegetables includes helping to slow down the aging process as well as balancing stress hormones and reduce stress and depression.

Lean meats, fish and poultry

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Lean meats, fish and poultry provides protein used to support the functions of the body, maintains lean muscle mass, helps form red blood cells and plays a vital role in our nervous system. Protein also supports a healthy immune system and helps to decrease hunger which may help you lose unwanted weight.  Lean meat such as skinless chicken and turkey and red meat such as beef and pork with fat trimmed off have a low fat content.  Poultry provides a good source of  selenium which has antioxidant properties that aids in the prevention of free radicals from damaging cells.  Poultry also has vitamin B3 and B6 which helps convert carbohydrate into glucose in the body.  A diet high in lean meat, fish and poultry can also lower your blood sugar levels. When preparing lean meats, fish and poultry, its best to grill, roast, bake, broil or boil instead of frying to avoid extra fat and calorie intake.


Water is also essential for the human body to function, therefore a fresh supply is needed daily for optimal performance.  The body can last weeks without food but only days without water, so water is extremely important.  Water is vital for hydration of the body especially during exercise.


A regular exercise routine is important in living a healthy active lifestyle.  Daily exercise will boost the immune system and therefore help prevent some diseases. Whether you choose to workout at the gym, jogging or a walk in the park on a daily basis, this is essential in maintaining an active lifestyle.  Exercise promotes weight loss and prevents obesity.  When the desired weight is obtained it is very important to continue with your routine for maintenance of ideal weight.  This has to be done to ensure that your body does not go back to its overweight or obese state.  Being overweight or obese can cause other health problems.


Adequate sleep is extremely important in having a healthy lifestyle.  Getting enough sleep helps the brain function properly, heals and repair the heart and blood vessels, prevent stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.  Sleep also helps you perform your daily chores in an efficient manner while inadequate sleep results in low performance.  Studies show that lack of sleep also result in obesity.  Whenever the body is sleep deprived, it sends off a lack of energy signal, which usually results in food intake.

Achieving a healthy active lifestyle begins with you making the first step towards your desired goal.  Everything is possible with an active mindset, so incorporate your 80% nutrition with  your 20% exercise and 100% mindset will become active and enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. Thank You For Reading The Healthy Active Lifestyle Blog.

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